Issues on the Gross Classification of Gastric Cancer, Focusing on Type 5 Kunio Okajima 1 1Department of Surgery, Osaka Medical College pp.861-865
Published Date 1986/8/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110265
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 1. Gross classification type 5 gastric cancers experienced at our department were analysed and devided into four groups; 1) early gastric cancer overestimated as advanced cancer,2) advanced cancer underestimated as early cancer,3) so-called advanced cancer simulating early cancer, and 4) cancer unclassified macroscopically.

 2. The overestimation or underestimation in groups 1) and 2) were corrected by histopathological review, which suggested that the appropriateness of histopathological intervention in gross classification remains to be discussed in the future. The author would like to propose that the classification should be based on gross findings alone.

 3. The five year survival rates of groups 1) and 2) were as high as that of early gastric cancer, while that of group 4) was low (Fig.1).

 4. Since it seems that there is an overlap between the category of type 5 and the classification of advanced cancer, it is necessary to separate them clearly.

 5. It is urgently needed to establish a new expression which mentions concisely on both gross findings and growth patterns of the cancer, taking into consideration the Borrmann's classification again.

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