Polyp-simulating Mucosal Prolapse in the Sigmoid Colon with Diverticulosis, Report of a Case Seiji Shimizu 1 , Masahiro Tada 1 1The Second Department of Internal Medicine, Kyoto Firsu RedvCross Hospital Keyword: S状結腸 , 憩室症 , 粘膜脱 pp.1089-1094
Published Date 1992/9/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403109987
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 A case of a 51-year-old man with polypoid lesions complicating sigmoid colon diverticulosis was reported. Sigmoidectomy was performed, and five polypoid lelions were observed on the resected specimen; two of them were injected, pedunculated polypoid lesions sized 17×9 mm and 20×15 mm, and the others were small. The histological findings of the large lesions included surface erosion, proliferation of glands in irregular arrangement, proliferation and dilatation of capillaries and the presence of fibromusculosis in the lamina propria, and wall thickening and luminal narrowing of the vessels in the submucosa. In one of the small polypoid lesions, mild fibromusculosis was observed. These findings are in accordance with those of mucosal prolapse syndrome of the rectum. Therefore, similar mechanism was considered to have participated in the evolution of the polypoid lesions in this case.

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