Recent Advances on the Tumor Marker Research of the Pancreatic Carcinoma S. Kawa 1 , T. Homma 1 1The Second Department of Internal Medicine, Shinshu University, School of Medicine pp.1223-1229
Published Date 1984/11/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403109558
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 Several tumor markers (CA19-9, POA, TPA, ferritin, CEA and elastase-1), currently being applied for clinical use, were evaluated for a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

 CA19-9, POA and CEA were clinically useful markers and a combination of CA19-9 and POA provided a more sensitive means for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Some cases of resectable pancreatic cancer had an elevated levels of serum elastase-l, CA19-9, POA, TPA and ferritin. None of these cases had elevated levels of CEA. CA19-9, POA, TPA and CEA were also useful in monitoring the response to treatment. The screening test with a combination of these markers might provide a useful means for a early diagnosis of carcinoma of the pancreas.

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