Diagnosis of Esophageal Cancer by Means of Endoscopic Ultrasonography Y. Ogino 1 , T. Kouzu 1 , K. Okuyama 1 , Y. Yamazaki 1 1The Second Department of Surgery, Chiba University, School of Medicine pp.1291-1297
Published Date 1984/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403109498
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 An investigation was conducted on the depth of invasion of esophageal cancer as well as on the diagnosis of the lymphonodi through electronic linear array endoscopic ultrasonography.

 The delineation of seven layers in the esophageal wall and the visualization of the lymphonodi as hypoechoic areas independently of the presence of metastasis was concluded from the basic studies.

 The rate of diagnosis of the depth of invasion of esophageal cancer was of 83.3% in the cases capable of being crossed by the ultrasonic endoscope. Considering the lymphonodi over 5 mm in the largest diameter, the rate of visualization was of 27.6% in the early period and of 57.9% in the late period. Besides, the rate of diagnosis of the presence of the lymphonodi over 5 mm in the largest diameter in the different areas was of 52.6% and 79.1% in the early and late period, respectively.

 It is thought to be a very useful preoperative di-agnostic method of esophageal cancer.

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