Growth of Esophageal Cancer by Retrospective Follow-up Study of Esophagographies Kin-ichi Nabeya 1 , Satoshi Ohkura 1 , Teiji Motojima 1 1The Second Department of Surgery, Kyorin University School of Medicine pp.1208-1212
Published Date 1988/11/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108739
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 Evaluations were made about cases that were diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma, and in which x-ray pictures taken in the past were obtainable. In the cases in which retrospective radiological study was possible, cancer growth speed was investigated. For doubling time, the formula by Kusama was applied (14 cases). X-ray pictures taken previously of lesions in 15 cases were used to try to determine the wall-invasion rate.

 By comparing histological finding showing the depth of invasion found after resection with progression of the carcinomas shown in the x-ray pictures, a hypothesis was able to be formulated.

 Doubling time was on an average 6.30 months but there were exceptions e.g.-doubling time of within a period of one month, as well as doubling time over very long periods.

 It took a rather long time (12 months) for the invasion to double its depth in the stage going from m cancer to sm cancer. However, in the stage from sm cancer to a2 or a3, the time required for cancer to double its depth was shorter (6 months), so it can be thought that the invasion rate becomes more rapid as the cancer's depth increases.

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