A Case of Protruding Type of Gastric Cancer Grown up within a Short Time M. Sano 1 1Osaka Center for Adult Diseases pp.627-630
Published Date 1973/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108481
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 X-ray examination of the stomach in a man 74 years old revealed a protruding lesion,2 cm in the greatest diameter, in the lower part of the corpus on the posterior wall. Type I early cancer was suspected by gastrocamera study. Biopsy under direct vision confirmed it as papillary adenocarcinoma. Nevertheless, as the patient flatly turned down any surgical intervention, we had to follow up the lesion for another three months without any active measure. In the interim both x-ray and endoscopy revealed rapid growth of the tumor, showing a pattern of advanced carcinoma of Borrmann type Ⅰ. He gave way.

 Excised specimen showed a semi-pedunclated, spherical cancer tumor, 3.2 by 3.5 cm, encircled partly by a plateau-like elevation of irregular shape, looking like a Ⅱa lesion. The depth of invasion was pm, highly involving the lymph vessels. Doubling time of the tumor as was measured on the x-ray film was 234 days.

 Study of protruding types of gastric cancer we were able to follow up retrospectively for more than six months shows that, though not all, four cases permitted us to measure doubling time of the tumor growth. They were all of early cancer at the time of surgical intervention, the doubling time ranging from 484 to 1,228 days.

 Many factors are involved in the speed of cancer growth. Sometimes they grow up very slowly, and sometimes they increase in size very rapidly as was exemplified in the present case.

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