A Case of Advanced Carcinoma of the Stomach Closely Resembling Early One and Followed up for One Year and Ten Months S. Oshiba 1 13 rd. Dept. of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, Tohoku University pp.631-634
Published Date 1973/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108482
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 The present case suggested at the initial endoscopy either a small ulcer or an ulcer, but we were unable to point it any further, because we had to examine the patient on a visit. He was thus followed up by endoscopy alone. The ulcer or ulcer scar remained in a stage of healing, but after one year and ten months it exhibited a picture of a Ⅱc lesion.

 Biopsy done shortly after admission to our Department revealed cancer. Histological study of the resected stomach showed it an advanced one, involving lymphatic vessels deep in the layers of the serosa and muscularis propriae.

 Even retrospectively studied, the endoscopic pictures were no other than those of Ⅱc type early cancer, nor did x-ray pictures show any particular change suggestive of advanced carcinoma.

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