Small Atypical Epithelium of the Stomach Developing into Advanced Carcinoma of Borrmann Type Ⅰ in the Course of Four Years and Three Months, a Case Report T. Tomioka 1 , T. Yao 1 , K. Saigenji 2 12nd. Dept. of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine Kyushu University pp.609-616
Published Date 1973/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403108477
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 1. Of two coexisting protrusions of the stomach, one, at first measuring only 8 by 5 mm, grew up to advanced carcinoma as large as 40 by 35 mm in the course of four years and three months.

 2. This tumor had been biopsied twice during its development. We cannot help thinking that a Ⅱa-like protrusion with lower degree of atypicality has later developed into advanced carcinoma with increasing atypicality.

 3. The coexisting other protrusion (atypical epithelium of intestinal type) has hardly changed its shape all through this long period.

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