Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 14, Issue 6 (June 1979)

Primary Carcinoma of the Duodenum, Report of a Case H. Watahiki 1 , S. Nakano 1 , I. Takeda 1 , Y. Iinuma 2 , N. Nakajima 3 12nd Dept. of Internal Medicine, Ôgaki Municipal Hospital 22nd Dept. of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, Nagoya Univerity 3Dept. of Pathology of Laboratory Center, School of Medicine, Nagoya Univerity pp.827-832
Published Date 1979/6/25
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 This is a report of a rare case of un-differentiated adenocarcinoma of the duodenum. The patient, a 57 years-old man was referred to the Ôgaki Municipal Hospital in September, 1976, because of upper abdominal pain. Upper gastrointestinal roentgenograms showed irregular filling defect of the second portion of the duodenum and normal papilla of Vater. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy perfomed with an Olympus JF-B Ⅱ revealed irregular ulceration with dish-like tumor and stricture at the second portion of the duodenum. An un-differentiated adenocarcinoma of the duodenum or polymorphocellular carcinoma of the pancreas was suspected by the biopsy. But, pancreatic carcinoma was ruled out by normal pancreatogram. This lesion was resectable by pancreatico-duodenectomy. The size of the tumor was 4.5×6.0 cm. Microscopically, the cellular pattern suggested an un-differentiated adenocarcinoma or a carcinod. However, the tumor cells were negative for Grimelius' reaction and secretory granules in the cytoplasma of the tumor cells were not observed by electronmicroscopic examination. Therefore, it was determined as an un-differentiated adenocarcinoma of the duodenum.

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