Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 14, Issue 6 (June 1979)

Aberrant Pancreas on the Anterior Body of the Stomach M. Ito 1 , K. Yokochi 1 , Y. Noguchi 1 1The 1st Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine Nagoya City University pp.833-837
Published Date 1979/6/25
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 A 31 year-old man visited our hospital with a complaint of epigastric discomfort but he had never expe-rienced any nausea, vomiting and epigastralgia.

 X-ray and endoscopic examination of the stomach disclosed a submucosal tumor, associated with two differently sized dells, on the anterior wall of the lower body.

 The bigger dell was thought to be an opening duct of aberrant pancreas. Among twelve carefully biopsied specimens, two of them were proved to be a pancreatic tissue.

 Partial gastrectomy was performed and the tumor was measured as 3.5×2.5×2 cm. Histological examination showed pancreatic acinus, Langerhans' islands and pancreatic duct.

 This case was interesting from three points of view, namely 1) the tumor was found on the anterior wall of the lower body of the stomach where aberrant pancreas occurs less frequently,2) the size was greater than usual cases and 3) diagnosis was confirmed by biopsy.

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