Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 11, Issue 7 (July 1976)

Clinical and Statistic Observations on the Intramuscular Cancer of the Stomach and its Pathology E. Yamada 1 , T. Kito 1 1Department of Surgery, Aich Cancer Center Hospital pp.877-884
Published Date 1976/7/25
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 During the past 10 years we have come across 199 cases of pm gastric cancer out of 1,854 gastric resections for cancer. Clinical as well as histologic examinations of these pm cancers showed that this variety had several features of its own irrespective of its relatively small size with no connection to P factor.

 1. About half the number of pm cancer were less than 5 cm in diameter. Lesions even under 2 cm were seen in 28 cases.

 2. Lymph node metastasis in pm cancer was of high percentage(43.7%). Even small cancers less than 2 cm showed a metastasis rate of 28.6 per cent. Vascular invasion was observed in 31.5 per cent.

 3. The results of surgery were favorable. The 5-year-survival rate was 76.2 per cent, but it leaves little room for optimism as it differs significantly from that of early cancer, which is at present as high as 94 per cent. The size of cancer lesion seemed to alter more or less the 5-year-survival rate.

 4. Lymph node metastasis greatly affects the prognosis. In the group n0 were the end results as good as 87.4 per cent, approaching to those of early cancer. In the n1(+) group the rate was onlyd 62.1 per cent, and in n2(+) 53.7 per cent.

 5. The most important factor that sways the prognosis of pm cancer was the absence or presence of liver metastasis. There were 30 fatal cases of recurred cancer. Liver metastasis was recognized in 11 out of 22 cases that had shown definite patterns of metastasis. Lung involvement was also seen in one case. Attention should also be paid to death due to carcinomatous peritonitis arising from peritoneal dissemination of cancer.

 As for early gastric cancer, the number of surgical correction for pm gastric cancer is ever increasing. Pm cancer furnishes us not only with useful materials for the analysis of prognosis for gastric cancer but also with some helpful hints for making the surgical results even better.

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