Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 11, Issue 7 (July 1976)

Pm Gastric Cancer and its Endoscopic Diagnosis Y. Oguro 1 , T. Sakita 2 1Dept. of Internal Medicine, National Cancer Center Hospital 2Tsukuba University pp.869-875
Published Date 1976/7/25
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 Hitherto stomach cancer is divided into early and advanced cancers. Pm cancer occupies an intermediate position between early cancer and ss of advanced cancer, not only from infiltrating depth and prognosis but also from diagnostics, macroscopic features and pathological histology.

 So far we have come across 224 cases of pm gastric cancer, corresponding to 11.7 per cent of all resectable gastric cancer in our experience and to 13.0 per cent in a nationwide collection. The incidence of cancer infiltration layer by layer seems to depend on the relative difficulties of diagnosis as well as on the tempo of cancer invasion into the deeper layers. The male outnumbered female in a ratio of 2.56 : 1.0. The peak of incidence was in the age group 60~69. None was seen below the age of 20. Pm cancer was most often seen on the lesser curvature side, especially in the pyloric antrum. Macroscopically, it can be divided into early-cancer-like type and Borrmann types. Borrmann II type was most often seen with a rate of 33.5 per cent, followed in the order of frequency by the type simulating depressed early cancer with an incidence of 28.4 per cent; Borrmann III type, 24.8 per cent; Borrmann I, 9.6 per cent and IIa+IIc-like type, 3.7 per cent. Elevated variety of early cancer is more often than elevated types of advanced cancer. Borrman N type is regarded as since there passing through the muscularis propria, rapidly has been no instance of such a type in pm cancer. The size of pm cancer was most often between 3 and 5 cm in the greatest diameter.

 The results of endoscopic diagnosis showed that in 97.2 per cent cancer was diagnosed, while in 68.6 per cent the diagnosis was narrowed down to advanced carcinoma. Results of recent biopsy showed that cancer was demonstrated in 100 per cent. As some of pm cancer develops very rapidly, accurate diagnosis followed by surgical correction without delay is mandatory.

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