Neurilemmoma of the pancreas: A case report and literature review O. Ishikawa 1 , Y. Matsui 1 , Y. Aoki 1 , T. Iwanaga 1 , T. Terasawa 1 , S. Ishiguro 2 , A. Wada 2 1Dept. of Surgery, The Center for Adult Disease 2Dept. of Pathology, The Center for Adult Disease pp.543-547
Published Date 1978/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403107281
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 A 60 years old male had a history of a lump and sensation of pressure at the left hypogastric region for about a year. A child-head-sized tumor, palpable at the left hypogastric region, was diagnosed as pancreatic cyst by ultrasonic examination. Laparotomy showed a tumor about 20 cm in diameter in the bursa omentalis, attached to the anterior surface of the pancreas, between body and tail. Neither metastasis nor invasion was found. The tumor was removed en bloc, along with stomach, spleen, left adrenal gland and pancreas distal to the body. He has been healthy for three years after the surgical operation. The resected tumor 24×17×12 cm in size with foci of hemorrhage, cystic spaces and necrotic aseas, was completely encapsulated by a thin fibrous tissue. Histological study demonstrated that the tumor was a benign neurilemmoma consisting of Antoni A and B types. The site of origin was presumably from the peripheral nerve tissue in the pancreas capsule or in the pancreatic stroma.

 A nonepithelial tumor of the pancreas is extremely rare, and only a single case of neurilemmoma in the pancreas has been reported in the Japanese literature. By the histopathological study, neurilemmoma should be differentiated from leiomyoma, fibroma, neurofibroma, and their malignant types. Complete extirpation by surgery is necessary for the treatment of this tumor.

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