Natural History of Gastric Cancer in a Fixed Population: with Emphasis on Depressed sm Cancer Mamoru Nishizawa 1 1Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer Detection Center Keyword: 陥凹性早期胃癌 , 自然史 , 深達度診断の分類 pp.16-24
Published Date 1992/1/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106673
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 X-ray films of depressive type early gastric cancers, detected in a fixed population (occupational group) by an annual screening program, were reviewed both retrospectively and prospectively. The following results were obtained regarding the natural history of sm cancer: (1) While the period of existence for m cancers was long (several years to more than 10 years) with marked variability, that for sm cancers was estimated to be relatively short (several months to less than a year). (2) Natural history of early gastric cancer was analyzed using the criteria on the depth of invasion, obtained by dividing m and sm cancers into m1, m2 and m3, and sm1, sm2 and sm3, respectively, according to the degree of the depth of invasion. Although diagnosing the depth of invasion, particularly in m3, sm1 and sm3 cancers, was important for analyzing natural history of sm cancer, x-ray findings markedly varied from m3 and sm1 to sm3.

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