Radiologic and Endoscopic Characteristics of Colon Cancers Smaller than 10 mm, Dissecting Microscopic Results Contrasted Mamoru Nishizawa 1 1Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer Detection Center pp.413-420
Published Date 1987/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403112738
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 Colorectal cancers smaller than 10 mm were clinically detected by 13.1%, all of them being early. Four cases reached the sm layer, all being in the excess of 5 mm. Those cancers smaller than 10 mm showed flat-topped elevation or plateau by 42.3% while sm cancers by 75.6%.

 Those lesions detected through dessecting microscope were more likely to show either flat-topped elevation or no neveau difference. Therefore they were estimated to be overlooked not infrequently on a clinical level.

 Colorectal cancer smaller than 5 mm and more or less could disappear by biopsy resulting in subsequent negative biopsy. Initial biopsy showed no accompanying adenoma for the most part.

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