Primary Rectal Malignant Lymphoma, Report of a Case Tatsuhisa Morodomi 1 , Yuichiro Shimoda 2 , Yuichi Miyamoto 3 , Naokata Oka 1 , Satoshi Uchida 4 1Department of Pathology, Saga Prefectural Koseikan Hospital pp.581-586
Published Date 1989/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106462
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 A 74-year-old woman visited our hospital complaning of bloody stool. Digital examination revealed a rectal mass. Irrigoscopy and colonoscopy showed a Borrmann 2-like lesion (Figs. 1a, and 2a). The biopsy specimens contained no atypical cells. Malignant lymphoma, however was suspected and Miles' operation was performed. Two stage Ⅰ lesions, 50×50 and 8×8 mm in di-ameter, respectively, were resected (Fig. 3). Upon histologic examination, the tumor cells, medium sized with no atypia, were distributed diffusely (Fig. 6). The tumor cells had invaded into the propria muscularis (Fig. 4). No monoclonality was observed in plasma cell immunoglobulin. Surface phenotype studies of the resected tumor cells were positive for IL-2 receptor and B-1 (Table 2). Based on these findings, these tumors were diagnosed as primary rectal malignant lymphoma diffuse, medium-sized cell type and B cell type (Classification of Japan Lymphoma―Leukemia Study Group : LSG). The patient is alive and well 10 months after surgery.

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