Macroscopic Feature and Anatomic Distribution of Colorectal Adenoma Masaaki Matsukawa 1 1Department of Internal Medicine, Juntendo University, School of Medicine pp.155-160
Published Date 1989/2/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106388
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 Colorectal lesions (2,554 lesions; 1,808 adenomas, 68 cancers) smaller than 3.1 cm in diameter, either polypectomized or surgically resected, were analyzed macroscopically and histologically.

 The smaller a polypoid lesion was, the less likely that the lesion was adenoma especially in the rectum and sigmoid colon. Polypoid lesions of 0.6 cm to 1.5 cm in diameter were macroscopically classified into four types (type-a: lesions with long stalk, type-b: sessile or subpedunculated lesions, type-c: plaque-like lesions, type-d: lesions with central depression) . Among the lesions of 0.6 cm to 0.9 cm in diameter type-a adenoma was most frequently seen in the right side colon. Type-b adenoma had no predilection for a specific anatomic distribution. About 30 of type-c adenoma were found in the proximal to descending colon. Type-d lesions were all malignant. Type-a and -b of colorectal early cancer smaller than 1.6 cm in diameter had positive relationship with the presence of adenoma, while type-c and -d had no such relationship.

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