Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 28, Issue 9 (August 1993)

Macroscopic Classification of Intestinal Ischemic Lesions Masaaki Kobayashi 1 1The First Department of Pathology, School of Medicine, Niigata University Keyword: 虚血性腸病変 , 肉眼型分類 , 時相分類 pp.913-925
Published Date 1993/8/25
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 We studied 358 intestinal ischemic lesions of the sugically resected specimens for the purpose of making a new macroscopic classification of all types of intestinal ischemic lesions.

 Macroscopically, the lesions were classified into 4 types: 1) congestive hemorrhagic type,2) multiple erosive type,3) ulcerative type,4) necrotic type. The ulcerative type was subdivided into 1) longitudinal,2) girdle,3) circular 4) round/oval subtypes. Each macroscopic type had the following phases: 1) active phase,2) healing phase,3) healed phase,4) refractory phase. This macroscopic classification is applicable to all types of ischemic lesions of the small and large intestine, and can be used at any time when we find a lession.

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