Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Lesions of Syphilis Yuji Sakai 1 , Tadahiko Fuchigami 1 1Institute of Gastroenterology, Matsuyama Red Cross Hospital Keyword: 第2期梅毒 , 胃梅毒 , 鑑別診断 pp.1401-1410
Published Date 1994/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106018
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 Seven cases of secondary syphilis with gastric lesions were studied for the assessment of clinical, roentgenographic, and endoscopic features. In addition, we compared the lesions of superficial type gastric lymphoma, AGML, and scirrhous gastric cancer. The initial steps to diagnosis of syphilis in all the cases were upper gastrointestinal (GI) screenings. As reported before, funnel-shaped narrowing of the antrum, granular mucosa with multiple shallow irregular ulcers were frequently observed. Over and above these findings, multiple large verruciform lesions peculiar to syphilis were found in two cases. Useful points for differential diagnosis were as follows: Superficial type lymphoma showed a certain tendency be elevated and, in many cases, showed a scattering of tiny ulcers. AGML showed remarkable swelling of the mucosal folds and a lack of mucosal roughness. Scirrhous cancer rarely showed funnelshaped antral narrowing and multiple ulcers.

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