Metastasis from Early Gastric Cancer:Analysis of the Nationwide Registry and the Reports for the Japanese Research Society for Gastric Cancer Takeshi Sano 1 , Hitoshi Katai 1 , Mitsuru Sasako 1 , Keiichi Maruyama 1 1Department of Surgical Oncology, National Cancer Center Hospital Keyword: 早期胃癌 , 血行性転移 , リンパ節転移 pp.809-813
Published Date 1997/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403105142
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 To know the actual state of metastasis from early gastric cancer (EGC), we studied a large number of patients using the database of and the abstracts reported for the Japanese Research Society for Gastric Cancer (JRSGC). A total of 25,634 EGC cases were registered in the Nationwide Registry for the JRSGC between 1984 and 1988, and 2.3% of mucosal and 16.7% of submucosal carcinomas had lymph node metastasis at the time of operation. Reviews of the abstracts for the 63rd and the 65th Meetings of the JRSGC, in which EGC was the main theme, showed similar metastatic rates. The majority of mucosal tumors with metastasis were associated with ulcerative changes, large tumor size, and histological undifferentiation. Hematogenous metastasis from EGC was extremely rate. Pathological methods for examining the resected specimens considerably influenced the metastatic rates, and should always be considered in discussion of this subject.

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