Radiological Diagnosis Differentiating Minute and Small Gastric Cancer from Benign Lesions Yoshinori Sugino 1 1Department of Diagnostic Radiology, School of Medicine, Keio University Keyword: 微小胃癌 , 小胃癌 , X線診断 pp.101-109
Published Date 2000/1/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403104633
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 We discussed the differential diagnosis of the depressed type of minute and small gastric cancers from benign gastric lesions through the presentation of several cases.

 The significant radiological findings of depressed type of minute and small gastric cancer were the irregularity of the barium fleck in shape and margin and the granularity of the surrounding lucency. In the differentiated-type cancer fine spiculae around the margin of the fleck were characteristic. It was difficult to diagnose shallow Ⅱc undifferentiated-type cancer if the pattern of the gastric area was still present in it. However irregular grooves and uneven gastric area were considered to be significant in such cases. In order to diagnose minute and small gastric cancer radiologically, we should use a high-quality x-ray machine, and take double contrast images clearly visualizing the gastric area and should read the films carefully.

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