The Benefit of Barium Enema in the Assessment of the Epithelial Tumor of the Colon, Focused on the Colonic Cancer Kyosuke Ushio 1 , Tsutomu Ishikawa 2 , Kunihisa Miyakawa 3 1National Kyushu Cancer Center Hospital 2Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Tochigi Cancer Center Hospital 3Department of Radiology, National Cancer Center Hospital Keyword: 注腸X線 , 比較診断学 , Ⅱc型早期大腸癌 , 画像による悪性度の指標 pp.713-720
Published Date 1998/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403103688
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 Colonic epithelial tumor arises from the mucosa, therefore it is essential for barium enema (BE) and endoscopic examinations to evaluate the internal surface, i.e. the mucosal surface of the colon. The superiority of BE over endoscopic examination is summarized as follows: (1) It is easy to evaluate morphological change of the intestine associated with lesions outside, (2) Information of the oral side of severe narrowing lesions can be obtained by BE, (3) BE would detect continuity and/or multiplicity of the lesion, and the distance between the lesions can be measured more accurately than endoscopic examination, (4) In addition to the frontal view, distensibility of the intestine and degree of deformity of the lateral view enable to diagnose the depth of invasion more easily, (5) The location and size of the lesion can be assessed more objectively, therefore BE is helpful in the study of the natural history of the disease. Radiologic examination of the type Ⅱc early cancer of the stomach and that of the colon were compared.

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