Radiological Diagnosis of Superficial Depressed Type Early Colorectal Cancer: Including Efficacy of Digital X-ray Imaging Yutaka Imai 1 , Yoshinori Sugino 1 1Department of Radiology, Keio University, School of Medicine Keyword: 陥凹型早期大腸癌 , 注腸X線検査 , X線診断 , デジタル画像 pp.695-704
Published Date 1998/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403103685
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 We evaluated the radiological findings in 20 cases of superficial depressed early colorectal cancer (8 cases of type Ⅱc and 12 of type Ⅱc + Ⅱa) and the initial abnormal findings which we picked up during fluoroscopy. In 18 cases out of 20, en face images of the lesion were obtained, and they included 12 cases of small radiolucency with shallow barium fleck, three cases of small radiolucency with barium fleck and mucosal convergence, two cases of shallow barium fleck with mucosal convergence and one case of shallow barium fleck only. In nine cases out of 20, profile images of the lesion were taken and there were four cases with irregular contour of the intestine, three cases of irregular double contour and one case of thickening of the plicae semilunares coli with irregular contour, and one case of thickening of the plicae semilunares coli with double contour. In 14 cases of 20, the depressed type lesions were picked up fluoroscopically during the examination. There were 10 cases in which the initial abnormal findings were small radiolucency, two cases, of thickening of the plicae semilunares coli, one case of mucosal convergence, and one case of double contour of the intestine. In our series, the initial finding of 71% of depressed type early colorectal cancers on fluoroscopy was radiolucency. To use of the digital x-ray imaging together with barium enama examination improved the detection rate of colorectal lesions by 12%.

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