Comparison of Criteria for Diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis in Japan and in Europe and America Akihiro Munakata 1 , Juichi Sakamoto 1 1First Department of Internal Medicine, Hirosaki Unirersity School of Medicine Keyword: 潰瘍性大腸炎 , 診断基準 , 重症度分類 pp.497-505
Published Date 2001/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403103183
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 In Japan, the first criteria for diagnosis of ulcerative colitis was established by the Research Committee of Ulcerative Colitis (the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare) in 1974 and published in 1975. Since then, some minor revisions have been made. The newest criteria for diagnosis of ulcerative colitis was published in 1998. In Europe and America, the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis is usually made on the basis of a combination of clinical, endoscopic, radiologic, and histologic features. According to the textbooks and the many literature in Europe and America, there is no standardized criteria for diagnosis of ulcerative colitis and different criteria of that are used in each institutions, furthermore those criteria are not sufficient in detail like that in Japan.

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