Clinical Management of Patients Diagnosed as Having Group Ⅴ Stomach Cancer: With Special Reference to Depressed Type Minoru Kawaguchi 1 , Toshihiko Saito 1 , Teruyuki Hirota 3 1The Fourth Department of Internal Medicine, Tokyo Medical University Keyword: 胃生検 , Group Ⅴ , “ひとかき癌” , 生検偽陽性 , 組織診断 pp.1521-1529
Published Date 1999/11/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403102869
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 Histological diagnosis made by using biopsy samples is regarded as the final diagnosis of gastric diseases in most cases. For this reason, endoscopic examination is sometimes given less importance than it deserves. This paper reviews problems related to clinical management of depressed type lesions in 717 patients diagnosed as having Group Ⅴ stomach cancer in this hospital in the last five years. Four points must be emphasized. 1) Since the possibility of “one-scratch cancer”(a lesion that can be eliminated during biopsy) could not be excluded in one of the 717 patients. This patient is being closely followed up. 2) Histological diagnosis was questionable in six of the 717 patients (0.8%), and it is particularly problematic that malignant lymphoma was diagnosed as being poorly differentiated adenocacinoma. 3) Recently, the degree of malignancy is determined, and 4) There are considerable differences in the ability to make accurate diagnosis among general pathologists in Japan. It is most important to establish a good cooperetive relationship between clinicians and pathologists.

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