Natural Killer/T Cell Lymphoma, during a Follow-up of Multiple Ulcers in the Small Intestine, whose Differential Diagnosis was Diffcult, Report of a Case Shinichi Katsuki 1 , Tomoki Fujita 1 , Naohito Ohmi 1 , Eriko Waga 1 , Keisuke Ohno 2 , Keisuke Harada 2 , Tetufumi Someya 2 , Kazuaki Sasaki 2 , Yoshito Takada 2 , Masahiro Fujita 3 , Shinya Mitsui 4 , Masafumi Nomura 4 , Toshiya Shinohara 5 , Tetsuji Takayama 6 , Kazuo Maeda 7 , Hiroki Chiba 8 , Takahiro Kogawa 8 , Hiroyuki Ohnuma 8 , Tomoyuki Abe 8 , Hiroyoshi Sasaki 8 , Tamotsu Sagawa 8 , Yasushi Sato 8 , Junji Kato 8 1Department of the Center of Gastroenterology, Otaru Ekisaikai Hospital, Otaru, Japan 2Department of Sugery, Otaru Ekisaikai Hospital, Otaru, Japan 3Keiyuhkai Institute of Clinical Pathology, Sapporo, Japan 4Center of Gastroenterology, Teine Keijinnkai Hospital, Sapporo, Japan 5Department of Pathology, Teine Keijinkai Hospital, Sapporo, Japan 6Department of Pathophysiological Preventive Medicine, The Institute of Health Biosciences, The university of Tokushima Graduate School, Tokushima, Japan 7Otaru Hifuka Clinic, Otaru, Japan 8Internal Medicine, Section 4, Sapporo Medical University Sapporo, Japan Keyword: ダブルバルーン式小腸内視鏡 , 小腸潰瘍 , NK/T細胞リンパ腫 , Epstein-Barr virus pp.1029-1036
Published Date 2009/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403101689
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 We report here a case of a 47-year-old Japanese man who was brought to our hospital with the complaint of abdominal pain and bloody anal discharge. Initial double-balloon enteroscopy revealed multiple small ulcers throughout the whole ileum. The biopsy specimen revealed non-specific inflammation. During a follow-up for about three years, he experienced swelling of the testicles and sharp pain.

 The patient was admitted to the urology department and underwent orchidectomy. Histology of the resected specimen showed NK/T-cell lymphoma. The patient died a few months after the surgery because of the progression of the disease.

 Histopathology examination after his death, from the first biopsy of the small intestine and the skin, revealed NK/T cell lymphoma and EBV.

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