Early Gastric Plasmacytoma, Report of a Case Toshiyuki Okuda 1 , Yasuharu Kaizaki 2 , Osamu Hosokawa 1 , Masakazu Hattori 1 , Kenji Dohden 1 , Hiroyuki Hayashi 1 , Tamon Miyanaga 1 , Yoshiharu Tomita 1 , Noriyuki Oono 1 1The Department of Surgery, Fukui Prefectural Hospital, Fukui, Japan 2The Department of Pathology, Fukui Prefectural Hospital, Fukui, Japan Keyword: 胃形質細胞腫 , 胃MALTリンパ腫 , 胃悪性リンパ腫 pp.1921-1928
Published Date 2007/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403101247
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 A case of early gastric plasmacytoma without any features of gastric lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) is reported. A 44-year-old male patient was introduced to our department and presented gastric disease on screening endoscopic examination. X-ray examination showed a blocked lesion that had an irregular area at the anterior wall of the antrum. Endoscopic examination showed a yellowish-white granular lesion that was slightly elevated. We diagnosed pure plasmacytoma from pathological examination of the biopsy specimen The patient received distal gastrectomy. Histologically, plasma cells with red crystalline inclusions were diffusely distended at the mucosae propria. There were only a few lymphoepithelial lesions. During immunohistochemical study, Immunoglobulinκlight-chain restriction was revealed by in situ hybridization. In addition, the monoclonality of IgH gene was verified by polymerase chain reaction. There was no feature of gastric lymphoma of MALT, so a definite pathologic diagnosis of gastric de novo plasmacytoma that was not differentiated from gastric lymphoma of MALT was made.

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