Neoplasms Rarely Found in the Anal Area―Melanoma, Paget's Disease and Bowen's Disease Masaki Kanzaki 1 , Fumio Konishi 1 , Yutaka Kawamura 1 , Toshiro Demitsu 2 , Junichi Iwadare 3 1Department of Surgery Omiya Medical Center Jichi Medical School 2Department of Dermatology Omiya Medical Center Jichi Medical School 3Colorectal Disease Center, Social Insurance Central General Hospital Keyword: 肛門部悪性腫瘍 , メラノーマ , Paget病 , Bowen病 pp.1297-1302
Published Date 2003/8/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100774
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 The majority of anal neoplasms are adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinomas. Rare cases of these anal lesions are melanoma, Paget's disease and Bowen's disease. Melanoma, Paget's disease and Bowen's disease can occur in any skin location, but are rarely found in the anal area. Melanoma patients are more frequently women, and the average of age is between 60 and 70. In Paget's disease, patients, the average age is close to 70, and the desease is equally distributed among males and females. In Bowen's disease, women are affected more frequently than men and the average age is about 50 years old. Melanomas are mainly found as black elevated tumors. The appearance of Paget's disease and Bowen's disease is analogous to that of eczema or lichen. They are all diagnosed by biopsy and microscopic examination. Melanomas are mainly treated by abdomio-perineal resection. The treatment of Paget's disease and Bowen's disease is mostly a wide local excision. In melanomas, prognosis is very poor and five-year survival rate is only about 10%. In Paget's disease and Bowen's disease, prognosis is rather good.

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