Quick Tips on Colonoscopy Techniques
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Quick Tips on Colonoscopy Techniques

筆頭著者 Masahiro Igarashi (Editors) その他の著者 Shinji Tanaka 日本メディカルセンター 電子版ISBN 978-4-88875-904-5 電子版発売日 2017年1月11日 ページ数 258 判型 A5 印刷版ISBN 978-4-88875-270-1 印刷版発行年月 2014年9月


So it would seem that many young doctors outside Japan are just as interested in being able to quickly master colonoscopy insertion techniques as those in Japan. Yet, oddly enough, few texts on the subject of Japanese colonoscopy insertion techniques have been published in English, which begs the question: how exactly do young doctors overseas learn colonoscopy insertion techniques? Considering this problem, we thought it would be a good idea to put out an English edition of this book. First of all, it makes clear that there are multiple opinions on how best to achieve a given goal and different methods for doing so. This gives the reader the opportunity to learn and develop techniques that suit their own style and preferences. Secondly, because this book starts out with basic explanations, it contains a lot of material that will be enormously helpful to colonoscopists who are just beginning their training, as well as those who have already gained a moderate level of experience.


1. Amount of Air during Scope Insertion 2. Changing the Patient's Position and Applying Hand Pressure 3. Using a Sliding Tube 4. Insertion into the Rectum 5. Passing the Rs-S Junction 6. Passing the SD Junction 7. Passing the Splenic Flexure8. Advancing in the Transverse Colon 9. Passing the Hepatic Flexure10. From the Cecum to the Terminal Ileum 11. How to Deal with Cases Where Insertion Is Difficult   1) Postoperative Adhesion  2) Dolichocolon (Sigmoid Colon, Transverse Colon)  3) Other12. Examining Elderly Patients (80 or Older) 13. Preventing Perforation during Insertion 14. Observation Tips15. Retroflexed Observation in the Rectum16. Dye Spraying