Total body irradiation using tomotherapy:the problems and review of related literature Katsumasa Nakamura 1 1Department of Radiation Oncology Hamamatsu University School of Medicine Keyword: 全身照射 , トモセラピー , 骨髄移植 pp.1041-1047
Published Date 2019/7/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.18888/rp.0000000948
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Total body irradiation(TBI)by linear accelerator has several disadvantages, including inhomogeneous dose distribution and difficulties in shielding critical organs. Tomotherapy allows precise and homogeneous tumor coverage and excellent sparing of critical organs for patients receiving TBI. However, The dose rate of Tomotherapy is reported to be 8.5 Gy/min at the isocenter, which may not be suitable for TBI. In this review article, we discuss problems of TBI by Tomotherapy and review related literature.

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