Fenestration, Pedicle Muscle Flap, and Omental Plombage for Pyothorax Mitsunori Higuchi 1 , Hiroyuki Suzuki 1 1Department of Thoracic Surgery, Aizu Medical Center Fukushima Medical University Keyword: fenestration , pedicle muscle flap , omental plombage pp.854-858
Published Date 2019/9/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.15106/j_kyobu72_854
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We sometimes encounter patients with chronic empyema of their thoracic cavity with or without air leakage. These patients suffer from mental and physical problems because of restrictions in daily life and long-term treatment. Pyothorax is divided into acute or chronic empyema. The former is treated by thoracic drainage or debridement under video-assisted thoracic surgery, while the latter is treated by managing the infection and reducing the dead space of the thoracic cavity. In this section, we describe the procedures for some treatment methods and technical skills to manage pyothorax, including fenestration, pedicle muscle flap plombage, omental plombage. The thoracic surgeon should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each method and choose an appropriate technique or possibly a combination of techniques to obtain an optimal outcome in the treatment of pyothorax. The techniques and knowledge described in this section would be useful for many thoracic surgeons’ clinical work. Although the treatment methods differ between institutions, this guideline for thoracic empyema is needed to standardize treatment of this entity in the future.

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