Awareness of Schizophrenia Patients with Prolonged Hospital Stays Interview data clarifying the constituent elements of attitudes regarding prolonged hospital stays Futoshi OKUMURA 1 , Nahoko SHIBUYA 2 1Nursing Course, School of Medicine, Gifu University 2Former Department of Nursing, Nagoya University School of Health Sciences Keyword: 統合失調症 , 長期入院 , 語り , schizophrenia , prolonged hospital stay , free talk pp.34-43
Published Date 2005/6/30
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.7009200240
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 The present study clarifies the current self-awareness of schizophrenia patients who have been hospitalized for more than ten years. Subjects were six patients with chronic schizophrenia residing in a stand-alone psychiatric hospital. Data were collected using a semi-structured interview to subjectively ascertain patients' self-perceptions and perceptions of the world. Content related to thoughts on the current prolonged hospital stay and self-awareness were extracted from each interview. Data were then classified and categorized, and the importance of each category was investigated. The results clarified the following characteristics of the current state of chronic schizophrenia patients with prolonged hospital stays, and their self-awareness:

 1) Schizophrenia patients who resided in a psychiatric hospital for an extended period showed reduced self-assessment and enthusiasm, which further prolonged their hospitalization.

 2) Schizophrenia patients reported that they were not discharged due to problems related to self and their surrounding circumstances, and provided rationalizations that contradicted reality.

 3) During the interviews, schizophrenia patients verbalized their experiences and had the opportunity to recognize their current self. Talking about current circumstances provided the schizophrenia patients better insight about themselves.

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