Qualitative and Inductive Analysis on Nursing Perspectives of Head Ward Nurses Takako KURITA 1 , Junko HOSHINO 2 1Ogaki Women's College (Formerly) 2Gifu College of Nursing Keyword: 病棟看護師長 , 看護観 , head ward nurse , nursing perspective pp.34-41
Published Date 2015/12/31
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.7009200128
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 Objective: Describe head ward nurses' perspectives on nursing.

 Method: Semi-structured interviews were conducted with twenty-nine head ward nurse participants. Inductive reasoning was then used to analyze the content of those interviews.

 Results: The average age of the participants in the initial study was 44.3 years old, with eight men and twenty-one women. Head ward nurses' perspectives on nursing could be divided into five categories: nursing that values the subject, nursing that empowers the patient, nursing that can be explained or justified, nursing that values trust among parties involved, and nursing that fulfills nurse responsibilities. These five major categories could then be divided into twenty-seven subcategories.

 Conclusions: Head ward nurses' perspectives seem to be developed through the course of practicing nursing from a young age. Head ward nurses also seemed to have become more conscious of nursing perspectives as a result of stepping into the role of the head ward nurse, while their understanding of those perspectives broadened as well.

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