How Nurses Develop Their Nursing Philosophy from Their Personal Experiences Junko Hatanaka 1 , Osamu Ito 2 1Faculty of Nursing, Yokkaichi Nursing and Medical Care University 2Faculty of Nursing, Iwate Prefectural University Keyword: 看護観 , 思考プロセス , 体験 , nursing philosophy , thought process , experience pp.163-171
Published Date 2016/12/31
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Purpose: The research aim was to clarify how nurses develop their nursing philosophy from their nursing practices.

Methods: Semi-structured interviews were conducted with nurses who had at least five years of practical nursing experience and who the Director of Nursing determined had an established nursing philosophy. The obtained data were analyzed using the modified grounded theory approach.

Results: Eight categories emerged from the analyzed interview data of 17 nurses. These were divided into two processes: [Formative Nursing Philosophy] and [Establishment of Nursing Philosophy]. The former process relates to when a nurse who has <experienced fluctuating nursing philosophy> attempts a <confronting his or her experienced fluctuating nursing philosophy>, <expanding his or her nursing ideas> and then <deciding his or her nursing philosophy>. The latter process relates to when a nurse <establishes nursing philosophy through nursing practical experience> by <searching for nursing care methods that suit his or her nursing philosophy>, <experimenting with nursing practices while conscious of his or her nursing philosophy>, and repeatedly obtains <recognition for nursing care>.

Conclusion: These results indicated that the nursing philosophy develops by internal reflection from experience, and by performing nursing practice that is conscious of the formed nursing philosophy.

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