Development of Emotional Labor Inventory for Nurses Yukari Katayama 1 , Chie Ogasawara 2 , Chie Tsuji 3 , Kazumi Imura 4 , Hiroko Nagayama 5 1Doctoral Candidate,Course of Health Sciences,Graduate School of Medicine,Osaka University 2Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University 3Department of Nursing, Seirei Christopher College 4Department of Nursing School of Medicine, Mie University 5Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medical Health, Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences Keyword: 感情労働 , 看護師 , 測定尺度 , emotional labor , nurses , scale pp.20-27
Published Date 2005/6/20
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 The purpose of this study was to develop an Emotional Labor Inventory for Nurses (ELIN). Emotional labor offered by nurses was defined as actions used to express their emotions appropriately to patients. First, 57 question items were selected based on references and interviews and they were evaluated by 60 nurses and 66 nursing students. Next, item analysis resulted in a reduction of the items to 50 for the first version of ELIN, and these were given to 436 nurses. Factor analysis identified that ELIN (26 items) comprised five factors: “Exploring and understanding”,“Surface adjustment”,“Suppressed expression”,“Expression of caring”, and“Deep adjustment”. Internal consistency was maintained with Cronbach's α coefficient (0.92) and stability with the test-retest method (r=0.72). Criterion-related validity was supported by good correlation between ELIN and the Emotional Labor Scale (r=0.48) and comparison of ELIN for nurses and students. Construct validity was assured by Scale of Sharing Experience and Insufficient Sharing Experience. Overall, the results suggest that ELIN is a valid and reliable measurement scale.

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