Keyword: 血液透析 , 生活 , 辛さ , 自己コントロール , ソーシャルサポート , hemodialysis , life , burden , self-control , social support pp.58-64
Published Date 2006/11/15

 The purpose of this study is to shed light on the life of patients undergoing hemodialysis from the viewpoints of burden, self-control and social support. Subjects were 14 hemodialysis patients and a semi-structured interview was employed for data collection. Qualitative and inductive analysis was carried out using examples from the Grounded Theory Approach by Strauss and Corbin, et al. The result of the analysis showed that the life of hemodialysis patients was described by five factors: self support, past experiences that relates to present circumstances, in addition to burden, self control and social support that have been already derived as knowledge. Hemodialysis patients coped with the issues of burden and self control using social support, self support and past experience that relates to present circumstances. Burden is defined through the result of this study as the continuing struggle with disease, and social support is defined through this study as the existence of persons who help patients to live their lives enjoyably. Self support was defined as the realization and utilization of individual ability during hemodialysis therapy. Past experience that relates to present circumstances was defined as the continued influence of past experience on the present regardless of the quality of that experience. These five classifications were recognized as important factors in the life of hemodialysis patients, and the possibility of their being utilized for care is suggested.

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