Role at each conference asked by occupational therapist participants for community care conference: A text mining analysis Masataka Akahori 1 , Kazuyoshi Kameyama 1 1Hakuhoukai Medical Technical School Ako Keyword: 地域 , 作業療法士 , 役割 , 他職種連携 , 調査 , Community , Occupational therapist , Role , Multidisciplinary collaboration , Survey pp.325-334
Published Date 2019/6/15
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 This study investigated the occupational therapists' roles at junior high school district care conferences. We conducted a survey in a municipality, and data from 123 descriptions were collected and analyzed. Text mining classified the data into 6 categories, and corresponding analyses revealed that “to give advice on daily life” was common at all conferences. However, the following different roles emerged at different conferences: “advice on physical functions and actions” at individual care conferences, “involvement in groups” at junior high school districts care conferences, and “think about initiatives of measures” at the community care promotion conferences. The results indicate that occupational therapists comprehend these roles and commitments in each community care conference.

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