Occupational therapy based on subjective QOL scale : A trial on elderly disabled Keiko Tsuchiya 1 , Keiko Inoue 2 1Nursing Home of Hidachi Youriki Center 2Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare Keyword: QOL , 作業療法 , 高齢障害者 , QOL , Occupational therapy , Elderly disabled pp.143-152
Published Date 2004/4/15
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 The elderly disabled, with regard to Occupational Therapy(OT), need more support to improve their QOL. However, the method of support has not yet been established. We tried OT on 13 subjects in the Nursing Home based on a subjectively evaluated QOL scale. The scale evaluated 13 items with regard to necessity factors and degree of satisfaction. We tried OT focusing on items, which measured as expected with regard to necessity factors but measured below expectations with regard to degree of satisfaction. Then, we compared the QOL score before and after the OT program. As a result, the satisfaction score improved in 7 out of 9 subjects who could continue the OT program. In conclusion, adapting to the Nursing Home with regard to reorganizing patients' living environments improves QOL for elderly disabled.

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