Reasons why clients perform toilet activities differently at home from the training they received while being hospitalized Keiko Hirose 1 , Tamako Miyamae 2 , Mizuho Fujiwara 2 , Kiyomi Shibata 3 , Kazuyo Mizuguchi 4 1Department of Rehabilitation, Nagoya City University Hospital 2Institute of Health Sciences, Hiroshima University Faculty of Medicine 3Nakazawa Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinic 4Aichi Medical School Keyword: 退院時指導 , 在宅生活 , 排泄動作 , Guidance of discharge , Living at home , Toilet activity pp.352-362
Published Date 2003/8/15
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 Out of seventeen patients, thirteen have been found to perform toilet activities differently at home from what was agreed upon at the time of home evaluation. Those thirteen patients were interviewed by the author to clarify the reasons for the changes. These interviews have shown that they decided to perform toilet activities contrary to instructions given to them at the time of home evaluation, because of their own volition or anxiety, their values, participation in care of family. Above all, constraints on the family have influenced the action at home.

 These results suggest that we should take their psychological and social well-being into consideration when offering toilet training, and re-evaluate and re-guide them at home after discharge.

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