Table-related activities for disabled elderly Shinya Hisano 1 , Hajime Shimizu 2 1Doctor's Degree Program, Institute of Health Sciences, Hiroshima University Graduate School of Health Sciences 2Institute of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Hiroshima University Keyword: 高齢障害者 , (坐位姿勢) , (机上活動) , 行動観察 , Disabled elderly , Sitting posture , Table-related activity , Observation of behavior pp.330-340
Published Date 2002/8/15
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 Objective ! We investigated the following questions to determine the suitable height of a table for use by the disabled elderly.

 1. What kind of table-related activities do disabled elderly perform ?

 2. Are the various kinds of table-related activities and frequency of use related to cognitive level and also to dependency level in ADLs ?

 Method: Fifteen subjects who lived in a geriatric nursing home were randomly sampled. Investigators observed the table-related activities of the subjects over a course of 12 hours by a time-random sampling method.

 Results: The main observed table-related activities included eating, resting, watching TV, and home making in the sitting posture. There were some differences in activities according to the level of cognition and of dependency in ADLs.

 Conclusion: We found four main table-related activities. The cognitive level of the subjects were related to the frequency of activities. The dependency level in ADLs of the subjects were related to the number of kinds of activities.

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