ADL evaluation tables used by occupational therapists Masahiro Tanikawa 1 1Keio University Tsukigase Rehabilitation Center Keyword: 作業療法士 , ADL評価 , 実態調査 , Occupational therapist , ADL evaluation , Research on actual conditions pp.43-51
Published Date 1997/2/15
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 The objectives of this research project are to study the current ADL evaluation tables currently used by occupational therapists, determine the problems with them and present basic data to aid in using more useful ADL evaluation tables. Based on those results, this project will study the direction in which the modification of ADL evaluation tables, used by occupational therapists, should be developed.

 This project used a questionnaire survey as its method of investigation. Questionnaire forms were mailed to occupational therapists at 300 facilities. Valid responses were received from 209 facilities.

 The results revealed that there are more occupational therapists who are using evaluation tables that have been prepared by the individual facilities, themselves, than those using the existing general-use evaluation table. Furthermore, the survey revealed that many occupational therapists feel that there are problems with the evaluation tables they are currently using and that there are many occupational therapists who feel that the evaluation table needs to be changed or hope that a standardized ADL table will be available.

 Recommendations to use a standardized ADL table have been made heretofore. However, the results of the current study revealed that these recommendations have not been adequately put into practice. In the future, amid the greater importance attached to local medical care, and also in order to have more people beyond those of the heretofore occupations and positions be involved in the ADL of disabled people, individual occupational therapists must make the best use of existing evaluation tables and express their opinions regarding them.

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