Results of a questionnaire survey into the current state of infection control by speech-language-hearing therapists Kaori Kyoda 1 , Noriko Yamazaki 1 , Yoko Noda 2 , Kenji Kagechika 3 , Yoshitsugu Iinuma 2,4 1Department of Rehabilitation Center, Kanazawa Medical University Hospital 2Department of Infection Control and Prevention, Kanazawa Medical University Hospital 3Toyama Prefectural Rehabilitation Hospital and Support Center for Children with Disabilities 4Department of Infectious Diseases, Kanazawa Medical University Keyword: 感染対策 , 言語聴覚士 , 感染対策の実態 , アンケート調査 , infection control , speech-language-hearing therapist , questionnaire survey , state of infection control pp.58-65
Published Date 2020/3/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.6001200266
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 We conducted a survey to assess the current state of infection control by speech-language-hearing therapists in order to determine methods for providing safe and high-quality therapy. The survey questionnaire was sent to 160 speech-language-hearing therapists (SLHTs) who were members of the Ishikawa Speech-Language-Hearing Therapists Association. The survey questions were designed to identify characteristics of the respondents, as well as information about their knowledge of infection control, hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, and infection exposure risks. The results revealed that many of the SLHTs have been given lectures about infection control and have knowledge of infection control. However, they do not wear personal protective equipment properly, and 80.9% of the respondents are worried about the risk of infection exposure. In addition, the results showed that SLHTs are struggling to perform infection control because of specific modalities of speech-language-hearing therapy.

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