A case of laparoscopic gastropexy for adult idiopathic gastric volvulus Kazuya HIRUKAWA 1 , Atsushi IKEDA 1 , Takehiro SHIMADA 1 , Hiroyuki SAKO 1 , Ken IKEDA 1 , Seijiro OKUSAWA 1 1Department of Surgery, Sano Kosei General Hospital Keyword: 前方短軸型 , 呑気症 , 精神疾患 pp.233-240
Published Date 2018/3/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.4426200537
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A 53-year-old female hospitalized elsewhere because of schizophrenia visited our hospital with principal complaints of vomiting and abdominal pain. An anterior short-axial gastric volvulus was evident on imaging; we repositioned the stomach via endoscopic detorsion. The volvulus recurred 4 months later and we performed laparoscopic surgery after endoscopic repositioning. Three ports were used. The gastric fornix extended to the greater curvature and the first portion of the duodenum was not fixed to the retroperitoneal portion. We used 3-0 V-LocTM 180 thread to suture from the gastric fornix to the lesser curvature of the diaphragm. In addition, we sutured the anterior wall of the stomach to the abdominal wall, from the gastric fornix to the greater curvature. The sutures thus formed a reverse-V. No complication or recurrence was observed, and the patient was discharged 2 days after operation. No recurrence has yet been noted, one year after surgery. We report our use of laparoscopic surgery to treat a gastric volvulus with literature review.

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