The new method for intracorporeal knot tying Kazuhisa MIKAMI 1 , Yasuhiro MUNAKATA 2 , Kouichi OKITA 2 , Masahiro SAKON 2 , Yasushi SEKINO 2 , Futoshi MURANAKA 2 1Department of Surgery, Jouhoku Hospital 2Department of Surgery, Nagano Municipal Hospital Keyword: 内視鏡下体内結紮法 pp.567-571
Published Date 2007/10/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.4426100106
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 The square knot, which is advocated by Zoltan Szabo, is a popular method for intracorporeal knot tying in endoscopic surgery. We propose a new knot tying method. We invented this method from the slip knot. The tail of the thread is passed through a symmetrical loop, and an opposite half knot is made rapidly and easily in one action. The mean knot tying time of five surgeons in our hospital was 41.7 sec. (square knot)and 26.2 sec. (new method). We were able to shorten the knot tying time by using this method. In addition to mastering the basic square knot, it is valuable to learn new method. Moreover, this method is useful in clinical application.

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