Laparoscopic surgery of cholecystoduodenal fistula with choledocholithiasis, after laparotomy for adhesional ileus : a case report Kaoru MIZUSAKI 1 , Eiichi SAITO 1 , Hideaki KOBAYASHI 1 1Department of Surgery, Seki Hospital Keyword: 胆囊十二指腸瘻 , 胆囊消化管瘻 , 腹腔鏡下胆囊摘出術 pp.209-214
Published Date 2007/4/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.4426100041
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 A 84-year-old woman was referred to our hospital with a diagnosis of ileus and entered our hospital. An abdominal CT revealed choledocholithiasis and pneumobilia. Cholecystoduodenal fistula with choledocholithiasis was suspected. Because 19 days passed without improvement after insertion of an ileus tube in a local hospital, we performed laparotomy for the ileus on admission to our hospital. The operative findings revealed adhesional ileus. After her general condition improved, we performed close inspection, which revealed cholecystoduodenal fistula and choledocholithiasis. Forty days after the operation for the ileus, we performed fistulectomy, cholecystectomy, choledochotomy and T-tube drainage by laparoscopic surgery. We did not recognize any adhesion due to the laparotomy. Laparoscopic surgery of cholecystoduodenal fistula with choledocholithiasis may be considered as a useful surgical method.

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