Ethical Issues in Experimental Research on Nursing Keiko Yamamoto 1,2 , Yuriko Tamai 2 , Yoko Aso 2 1Aichi Medical University College of Nursing 2Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University Keyword: 実験研究 , 倫理的配慮 , インフォームド・コンセント , 倫理審査委員会 , experimental research , ethical considerations , informed consent , Institutional Review Board , IRB , Research Ethics Committee , REC pp.27-35
Published Date 2004/2/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1681100177
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 Researchers are faced with many ethical issues in experimental research which involves human patients. They need to assess the effects of studies on patients and preserve the rights of patients. In this paper, we made a survey of articles for important ethical issues that researchers often encounter. From the articles surveyed issues such as the points of the subjects, subjective facilities and the role of a Research Ethics Committee were found. Furthermore we demonstrated ways of coping with several issues.

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