Analytical methods by mass spectrometry for minor lipid metabolites Ryo Taguchi 1 1Department of Biomedical Sciences, College of Life and Health Sciences, Chubu University Keyword: リピドミクス , 脂質メディエーター , 質量分析(MS) , 選択的反応モニタリング(MRM , SRM) pp.189-197
Published Date 2012/2/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1542102920
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Mass spectrometry has become one of the very important and practical methods to analyze lipid metabolites in clinical studies. But biologically active lipid metabolites, such as polyphosphoinositides and oxidized phospholipids normally exist in very small amounts in clinical samples. In this chapter I introduce some strategies to analyze these minor lipid metabolites and some practical conditions to recover them at significant level.

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