Rinsho Kensa Volume 54, Issue 13 (December 2010)

Role for the standardization of genetic testing Tadao Funato 1 , Mayu Takeda 1 1Divison of Healthcare Economics and Quality Management, Tohoku Fukushi University Keyword: 遺伝子関連検査 , 標準化 , 人材育成 pp.1623-1629
Published Date 2010/12/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1542102489
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On the basis of recent progeress in understanding of clinical implications, the genetic testing has been used for dianosis of various diseases and for selection of drugs and monitoring their effects. To confirm the genetic testing as a diagnostic tool, laboratories performing genetic testing are needed to ensure quality assurance. Accurate and precise of testing using nucleic acid extracted from various samples is important as a pre-analysis. Pre-analytic processes as a clinical sampling affected the outcome of genetic testing. Analysis of variance of gene-expression revealed small but significant differences between the handling methods. Thus well-controlled sample processing and storage conditions are critical to the sensitive and potentially quantitative analysis of genetic testing.

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