Ataxie optique following parietal lobe lesion Kenji Ishihara 1,2 , Mitsuru Kawamura 1 1Department of Neurology, Showa University School Medicine 2Department of Neurology, Ushioda General Hospital Keyword: 視覚性運動失調 , ataxie optique , 離断症候群 , disconnection theory , 頭頂葉 , parietal lobe , 認知神経心理学 , cognitive neuropsychology pp.611-618
Published Date 2004/8/10
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1431100216
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 We carried out a historical review of“ataxie optique”(de Garcin).“Ataxie optique”is an inability to reach and grasp objects presented in the peripheral visual field.“Optische Ataxie”is one of the symptoms of Bálint syndrome, and an inability to reach and grasp objects in the central visual field. The difference between“ataxie optique”and“optische Ataxie”has not been demonstrated clearly by the visual-motor disconnection theory. However, this might be due to different visual pathways from retinal and extra-retinal visual information, the latter concerns the position of the eyes in the head. Such a mechanism has been suggested by Hirayama et al(Japanese neurologists).

 Recently, another approach from the cognitive neuropsychological standpoints gave an explanation of the problem mentioned above. In this approach, images on the retina are transcoded into several frames of reference in order to be available for the motor apparatus for reaching and grasping. Patients presenting with“ataxie optique”use“ocular-centered frames of reference”to reach and grasp objects in the central visual field. This explanation shares common standpoints with the mechanism suggested by Hirayama et al.

 We also described a case of“ataxie optique”following left parietal lobe lesion, which we experienced. In this case, we observed“ataxie optique”of the right hand in the right visual field and bilateral crossed“ataxie optique”. The mechanism of“ataxie optique”in the presented case does not contradict the model proposed by Hirayama et al.

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