BRAIN and NERVE Shinkei Kenkyu no Shinpo Volume 70, Issue 11 (November 2018)

Mirror Movement Hiroo Ichikawa 1 1Department of Internal Medicine (Neurology), Showa University Fujigaoka Rehabilitation Hospital Keyword: 鏡像動作 , 連合運動 , 皮質脊髄路 , 補足運動野 , 脳梁 , 一次運動野 , mirror movement , associate movement , corticospinal tract , supplementary motor area , corpus callosum , primary motor cortex pp.1217-1224
Published Date 2018/11/1
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Mirror movement (MM) is involuntary symmetrical movement observed in the limb contralateral to the voluntary limb movement. This movement is temporally observed in the developmental period of the healthy child, but then disappears. Continuation of this movement is considered abnormal, and hereditary, congenital or acquired MM has been reported with or without neurological disorders. Supplementary motor area, corpus callosum, and cervical lesions have been linked to MM. The pathomechanism of MM is speculated to be abnormal descending corticospinal pathways or impaired cortical and subcortical motor control systems in the brain, and both mechanisms may be present.

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BRAIN and NERVE-神経研究の進歩
70巻11号 (2018年11月)
電子版ISSN 1344-8129 印刷版ISSN 1881-6096 医学書院